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  1. Hi, thanks for developing such wonderful GIS tools.

    I especially like KMLER because it let’s me convert to a Google format my AT9K map files.

    Also, with WINE, I can easily use it from Linux.

    What is exactly a MAP file? Is the G data (gravity force) recorded in it?

    Would it be possible to have KMLER in English?

    As per ActionCam, are you planning a way to export your video representation to a movie file (I mean the recorded video plus the dashboard with speed and so on)

    Thank you!


    PS: Sorry I cannot post in the proper area as I don’t speak Russian.

  2. Hi,

    thank you!

    I am glad that KMLer goes under WINE!
    Yes, I plan to make a version KMLer in English. When? In February.

    Yes,. MAP file contains the G-force for the axes AxisX, Y, Z, but it is not used in kmler / actioncam (currently) to be added later actioncam show G-force. In Kmler, also plan to add a mapping G-force (first, we must decide how to display it).

    Yes, I plan to make the ability to export video from ActionCam.
    (now does that job program Particler, but Particler it is Very difficult to use)


  3. Thank you so much. I’m looking forward to use the English version.
    Let me know if I can help, for example with a translation in Italian.

  4. Александр пишет:

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    Полезно и удобно было.
    Есть ли возможность дальше ею пользоваться?

  5. admin пишет:

    Добрый день,

    восстановил сервис: http://iis.gis4all.org/service/topo-link.aspx

  6. Александр пишет:


  7. luigi пишет:

    there is a small error which prevents the correct visualization of the KML file: the speed is wrong as the date/time is probably wrongly formatted.

    … Adam from GPSVisualizer did find the problem:

    It looks like the time stamps in that KML file are in the wrong format. They should be «10:24:23», not «10.24.23»

    He updated GPSVisualizer to visualize correctly the data but it would be great if you could correct KMLer.

    Thank you


  8. Андрей пишет:

    При просмотре сбрасывает масштаб карты, не вижу трека. Увеличиваю — опять сбрасывает. Раздражает. (программа для windows 7)

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